Cassie Klatskin

Restaurant Manager

Cassie was born and raised in a small New Hampshire town. In 2010, she moved to Connecticut to study business and economics at Quinnipiac University. There, she took her first bite into the restaurant industry, working as a server in a fast paced restaurant and bar. After serving for three years, Cassie moved back to New Hampshire to pursue a career in finance, while still serving at night. However, her plans changed drastically when she was asked to take on the role of general manager at a family owned New Hampshire restaurant, pub, and sandwich shop! After some thought, she decided not to continue in the financial sector and to instead take a stab at a field she was much more passionate about: restaurant management. While managing, she was fortunate to gain experience both behind the bar and in the kitchen, and was able to continually develop the pub into an ever increasingly successful restaurant. She found that the restaurant industry set the stage to use both her business savvy and enthusiasm for hospitality.